Raduga Children’s Centre

Every dress counts because every child counts

Raduga Children’s Center is a charity registered according to Ukrainian law.

Here is a statement from the organizers

It was started 20 years ago to provide a need that was identified: many small pre-school children from poor families where parents were unemployed and/or dependent on alcohol/drugs were growing up on the streets: hungry and destitute.

The government does provide for kindergartens, but they are paid. We wanted to provide shelter, care, education and 3 basic meals to these children free of any cost. Another need that was identified, was for children with special needs for which the government kindergartens do not make any provision. Our vision was to take care of these children with all the other children.  Through the 20 years a number of 50-75 children have been taken care of each year. There has always been a number of children with special needs in Raduga.

“Raduga” is the Russian word for “rainbow” and it has always been our purpose to bring colour and life to children in the extremely colourless and poverty-stricken society of the post-Soviet Union Ukraine.



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