Transforming communities one life at a time

About Us

Hope.  Restoration.  Life.


The above 3 words are at the very core of all we do. We are a UK based charity organisation that is dedicated to liberating and assisting those that are directly affected by poverty, hunger, sickness and injustice.

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Every Life Matters

Every Life Matters (transforming communities one life at a time)

This project specifically works into developing nations where there is a need arising from poverty or social injustice. We are a team of people whose heart is to see justice brought to the areas of this world where it is needed most whether locally, nationally or internationally. As a team we consist of different people, from different nations with many different experiences, but one thing we all have in common is a passion to see change where change is needed.

The projects we run are about building hope and restoration in individual lives. Through this we hope that those people can go on to assist transformation in their own communities and nations.

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